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The Perennial Inn is the only historic inn in the Bethel area to truly welcome dogs to stay with their owners. We enjoy offering this unique service to our canine-loving guests and we sincerely wish to continue our policy.

Pets will find nice ceramic bowls, a cozy bed or a crate (please let us know which you would like), and a treat when they arrive. While a special walking area is reserved for guests who bring their special friend, over 40 acres of fields, trails, woods, streams, and ponds, provide an ideal location for an early morning walk or afternoon hike with your special friend.

"Killingworth's Lilly" welcomes your pet friends.

While we have a special affinity for dogs, to ensure that all our guests are safe and comfortable we ask that our canine travelers are leashed at all times when in the inn’s common rooms and are not left unattended in the room when you leave the inn’s property. Please do not ask for an exemption. Traveling with a beloved pet can be a most wonderful experience but it is unkind to leave a dog in an unknown place with strange sounds and scents. Dogs that may be perfectly behaved in their own home will often bark, cry, and damage their surroundings in an unfamiliar place. If your travel plans preclude taking your dog with you we will try to obtain a dog-sitter with advance notice. The customary fee is $10.00 per hour.

There is a $20.00 per day fee to defray the additional housekeeping cost. Dogs may stay in any of our guest rooms and we guarantee subsequent guests will not detect their presence. Sorry folks -a surcharge will be added to cover the cost of any room or property damage caused by an unsupervised or untrained pooch.

We sincerely trust that our canine travelers and their respective human counterpart will fully cooperate so that we may continue the privilege and enjoyment of accepting dogs here in “A Very Special Place.”

Please visit the website of our Killingworth Labrador Retrievers (


141 Jed Martin Road
Rumford Point, ME 04276
[email protected]

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